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Back to kindergarten; A to Z.

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ÂGE : 26
ANNIVERSAIRE : 21/09/1992
MESSAGES : 13973
Absence : Ouais. Occupé dans les toilettes avec une bichette :P
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Ven 05 Oct 2012, 12:12 am
W comme WOOOOOOW. Pour rien! 65


❝ I KNOW I'M NOT FORGIVEN BUT I HOPE THAT I'LL BE GIVEN SOME PEACE. ❞ There are things I have done, there's a place I have gone, there's a beast and I let it run, now it's running my way. There are things I regret, that you can't forgive you can't forget. There's a gift that you sent, you sent it my way. So take this night and wrap it around me like a sheet. I know I'm not forgiven but I need a place to sleep...
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Chad M. Lewis
ÂGE : 24
ANNIVERSAIRE : 17/08/1995
Absence : Absence du temps des fêtes. Passe de temps à autre, quand c'possible ! <3
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Ven 05 Oct 2012, 12:16 am
X COMME XAXEXOUXOUXOUXOUXEUH !!! Shocked ... Ahem... Laughing

Back to kindergarten; A to Z. - Page 3 G78SL
"Alexis is sleepin'... F*CK YEAH."
You run away from everything that you fear So afraid don't wanna be a part of it You see the fake in every thing that is real You hate the pairadox You put us in the box We don't define what makes us right or wrong Waste of time and we're just livin' it I wanna see you, touch you, one-on-one Won't stop until we're done We've only just begun